Of the 14, 8000 metre peaks in the world 8 of them are in Nepal. With an abundance of smaller trekking peaks as well as countless mountain trekking routes Nepal offers a huge range of mountain adventures for the inexperienced to the top class climbers.

Nepal has been considered as a sacred place for hundreds of years with a harmonious existence of the Buddhist and Hindu people. There are over 35 different ethnic groups in Nepal, so the culture is incredibly rich. It has been said that you cannot help but be moved by the serenity, and be changed by the world you will discover. The Nepal Himalayas is some where everyone should visit at least once in their life.

"Taktshang edit" by Douglas J. McLaughlin 
                (Photograph edited by Vassil) - Own work. Licensed under 
                CC BY 2.5 via Commons -

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