The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award & Overseas Trips

With an outstanding reputation for co-ordination and delivery of overseas treks, we offer dedicated adventure holidays and expeditions to student groups:

  • Life-changing expeditions tailored to the International Award Adventurous Journey requirements.
  • School overseas trips customised to your needs and aims.
  • Open expeditions. Smaller groups and individuals can avail of this unique opportunity to complete their trip in the company of other international school groups and individuals. These trips accommodate International Award Adventurous Journey and DofE Expedition requirements.
  • The chance to integrate charity project work into the experience.

All our trips are carefully designed to give students an unforgettable experience. We are the longest standing UK DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for Nepal and Tibet . Excellent support is provided from highly experienced staff highly familiar with the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. Our ethos is founded on the caring and generous nature that is typical of Himalayan Buddhist people, the trademark of our company. The smooth running and student safety of every planned adventure is our utmost priority. We operate under BS8848 safety standards and are ATOL and ABTOT bonded.

Recent DofE Gold Award expedition


Why we stand out from the crowd?

For co-ordinators and leaders

  • To make sure that the ultimate mountainous challenge for you is the trek, not the paperwork
  • To combine adventure with the highest safety standards.
  • To combine the optimum level of challenge and cultural experience for students
  • Dedicated, experienced and passionate DofE Assessor qualified staff.

For students

  • Experience the thrill of the challenge, sense of adventure and joy of teamwork and cultural experience. Planned by you and supported by us to make your journey both unforgettable and life-affirming.
  • We listen to your needs, work alongside you and support you to plan, train and undertake the most amazing experience possible.

"at no point on this first trip did we feel anything other than complete confidence in Kalsang and his team. We also knew that with Susie back in the UK that she would move heaven and earth to solve any problem." - Esher College, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Co-ordinator

"Just to say a BIG THANK you.. He now knows that he can go anywhere and do anything. He's not scared of going to university now and cooking and looking after himself. We all wish you all the very best with your future expeditions and continue to show the western world that Nepal is a very beautiful and magical place on earth." - Parent, 2014

The most popular of our Adventures and Expeditions

Annapurna Open Award - The Annapurna area is one of the most beautiful areas of the Himalayas and lends itself exceptionally well to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The route to Annapurna Base Camp follows mountain trails established by the local people over many years. Maps are provided so that groups wishing to complete their expedition in this area can plan their route using these trails. The famous Annapurna mountain range includes peaks towering over 8000 metres so the scenery around you as you complete your expedition here is simply stunning. This can be a group booking or an Open expedition, all participants must have completed their practise expedition successfully prior to starting the trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek - Nepal - Trekking to Everest Base camp is one of the most famous treks in the world. As a DofE expedition groups will need to plan the route they will take as well as the best areas to camp and the time needed to acclimatise. Assistance and training is available if required. This region takes the teams into the Khumbu region of the Himalayas, an area where as well as seeing Everest there are numerous other famous mountains giants to admire along the way. Following the assessed expedition there will be time to interact with the locals and experience the culture of these fascinating mountain people and their homeland. This can be a group booking or an Open expedition, all participants must have completed their practise expedition successfully prior to starting the trek.

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake - Tibet - This area works as a DofE/Award Gold expedition as the route does not include steep ascents or descents and is an easy area for camping. Tibet as a country is at a very high altitude so there needs to be time allowed at the start of the trip for acclimatising to this altitude. This allows time to see the city of Lhasa and learn about the culture of the Tibetan people. The accommodation is a mix of camping and lodges to ensure all aspects of the DofE. Award are covered.

Ganden Samye Trek - Tibet - This expedition is in a stunning area of Tibet with a variety of terrain - valleys, rivers, lakes, forest and stunning mountain views. Planning this expedition requires use of the maps provided as well as using Google Earth. As well as completing the assessed expedition for the DofE, it is recommended participants consider spending some time with the people of Tibet, they are a wonderful race and an inspiration to experience due to the unmistakable influence of the Tibetan Buddhist culture. This can be a group booking or an Open expedition, all participants must have completed their practise expedition successfully prior to starting the trek.

Helambu Walk - The trek in the Helambu region starts with a short drive north from Kathmandu to Sundarijal. There are numerous trails to follow in this region so participants can safely devise their route from local maps. The area is versatile so there is also flexibility on the number of days needed to complete a trek. This area will allow the group to travel through fir and rhododendron forests, flower meadows and along side streams. This can be a group booking or an Open expedition; all participants must have completed their practise expedition successfully prior to starting the trek.

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