Written by Theresa

April, 2018

On Tuesday, 3rd April, Channel 5 aired a documentary about Everest. We're very excited to tell you that as part of this documentary, Kalsang Sherpa is featured. Kalsang is the only Everest Climbing Sherpa in the UK.

The programme focuses not just on the 1953 Expedition to Everest but also looks at the environment and the people who live there including the Sherpas who play such a vital role and who dedicate their lives to helping climbers who want to climb the highest mountain in the world.

The programme will be shown again on Saturday, 7th April at 20:00pm on Channel 5 or you can watch it on catch up.

Everest Base Camp

"As you head towards Everest Base Camp you will leave the moraines behind and begin to follow the glacier itself. One of the most spectacular sights on this trek are the huge ice boulders spilling out from the glacier known as the Khumbu Icefall. The icefall consists of these highly impressive 15m high seracs – columns of ice formed by the constant melting and movement of the glacier. It is quite a sight to see and is a short distance from Everest Base Camp. In Base Camp you will see the buzz of adventure and excitement from the groups there to attempt climbing this giant of a mountain."

Everest Base Camp and views of the highest mountain in the world.




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