Apr 29, 2015

As a mountaineer, you’re well aware of the harsh conditions in the mountains and on Everest. Following the massive earthquake, aftershocks and avalanches, the situation for climbers and Sherpas still in the mountains is more treacherous than ever.

They, along with thousands of others in Nepal, face a desperate struggle to survive amid the devastation caused by the recent earthquake. Your support is vital.

Your donation can provide emergency aid – food, medical supplies and shelter – which Penny Appeal teams on the ground are working round-the-clock to deliver.

Please, donate now to give life-saving aid to the people of Nepal in this time of great crisis. You can give whatever amount works for you and please know that 100% of what you give will go to Nepal

Visit: or call 03000 11 11 11.

Thank you for the numerous calls, emails and texts asking how we are and offering your support. It is lovely to hear the kindness and care coming from so many people who love Nepal and its’ people. We have heard from many of our family, friends and staff and everyone to date is OK and working to help those who aren’t.

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